Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sugar Cosmetics

Yet Another Makeup Haul - Sugar Cosmetics from TJMaxx & Marshalls
Women (and some men) generally love to receive cosmetics as gifts. But purchasing them for another person can be rather intimidating. Cosmetic Palettes can provide an answer. Since any given palette will hold multiple shades, a good palette will usually have something for everyone. When in doubt, aim for the more neutral shades, which will look good on most skin tones. Or sneek a look at the recipient’s makeup and look for a palettes with similar types of shades.
People who love makeup tend to love to experiment. So while a person might not buy any given palette for themselves, they will happily sample the shades in one that comes as a gift! Below are some of the types of palettes available for varying people and circumstances:
For the cosmetic newbie or experimenter: For a person who loves to change things up, or for one who is just getting started with makeup and still learning what she likes, Sephora and Ulta both make some supersized palettes. Both produce OK cosmetics– they are not top of the line or the best pigmented, but they are serviceable and provide a lot of bang for the buck. These are particularly good for teens who might not yet appreciate the more expensive cosmetics, but who will love the huge selection.
My favorite in this category is the Sugar I Dream of Sugar Make-up Palette (above). This palette provides a nice array of usable colors in a neat fold up container. Sugar lip glosses also taste great!Another of my favorites is the Sephora Piiink So Belle Multi-Use Make Up Palette. A similar palette that is a bit more varied and neutral is the Sephora Brand Beauty Fever Palette. At $25, each, they are a pretty good deal. For a mega huge palette, also look at the Sephora Blockbuster Palette.
Sugar is the perfect combination of fun, sass, and style. With a range of unique and versatile products, Sugar offers softer shades for the natural beauty and more dramatic color for the daring. Renowned for its adorable graphics, amazing textures, and, of course, the signature Sugar flavor infused into all of their addictive lip products, the lovable line is the popular choice for the young and the young at heart. How sweet!

What it's used for:
The Tropic Tan Bronzer & Shimmer Duo features made-to-match shades of bronzed hues for creating a soft, sun-kissed glow. Simply sweep over your cheeks, forehead, chin and shoulders for a natural-looking glow. Tropic Tan Bronzer & Shimmer Duo is perfect for enhancing your natural complexion or accentuating a new tan. Packaged in an oversized, mirrored compact for on-the-go use.

Shades include deep glimmering bronze and shimmering golden bronze.

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