Friday, August 12, 2011

Eye Shadow

Silver, Grey & Black Smoky Eye...Great For a night out on the town!
The color of the eye shadow is be chosen carefully. To enhance the eye color, the area under the brow should be shadowed in a lighter shade. A deeper shade of eye shadow should be applied on eyelids according to the dress color.
Eye shadow can be applied with a foam tipped stick and then blended gently with the finger tips upward and outward.

Two shades of the same color eye shadow or a contrast can be used at the same time. Dark color eye shadow should be nearest to the middle and upper area of the eye.
The following points should be kept in mind before choosing an eye shadow:

For day time. eye shadow should match your eyes or be one shade lighter.
Bright and contrast colored eye shadows are better suited to evening wear.
For mature women. lightening the area under the eyebrows makes the eyes look bigger and brighter. White, off white and ivory shades are best for this purpose.
Dark eye shadows look good only on younger women with smooth eyelids.
Small, deep set, mature and crepy-skinned eyes should avoid dark colors on the eye sockets. Use only light eye shadows.

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