Friday, August 26, 2011

MAC Lipstick Creme Cup

Move over mattes, and make way for MAC Creme Team!
Last year’s Matte 2 and Mattene collections were fun throwbacks to the 90s, but for now MAC’s sweet on creams.
The Cremesheen Glasses in the new MAC Creme Team collection fit nicely with the Cremesheen lipsticks released a few months ago.
I previewed three colors from the upcoming Creme Team collection, and all I have to say is hallelujah! I’m in looove with the Cremesheen Glasses.
Creamsheen Glasses feel thinner, slicker than Lipglasses
I’ve never felt the Lipglasses were overly sticky, but some women do. For whatever it’s worth, the new glosses — both Petite Indulgence (sheer hot pink) and Looks Like Sin (sheer berry) — feel noticeably slicker, thinner and less sticky to me than the Lipglasses.
The texture reminds me of high quality E.V.O.O. (shout out to Rachel Ray!) — you know, the way good olive oil feels on your lips. That’s how it feels.
Pigmentation and durability
Although I prefer the way the Cremesheen Glasses feel, the Lipglasses win in the pigmentation department.

I think the Cremesheen Glass colors look brighter and bolder in the tube than they look on my lips. When it comes to durability though, the Cremesheens begin to fade after just a couple hours on most of my friends, while the Lipglasses seemed to last about twice as long. That’s not really a huge deal to me, though, because for some reason I can wear lipstick and party and go to bed after a nice little romp and – voila – lipstick sill on. I also don’t trip over having to reapply often throughout the day.
To their credit, when the color of Cremesheen’s wears down, it actually looks really pretty, like a transparent, semi-shiny wash of color.

Final thoughts
Right now, I think the closest products MAC has to the Cremesheen Glasses are their Lipgelee glosses. They feel similar and have the same faint vanilla scent but are just slightly thicker and aren’t flavored at all. The Cremsheen Glasses also last longer and have a little more pigmentation.
A few new Cremesheen Lipstick colors join the new Cremesheen Glasses, yea! Right now, I’m really feelin’ Modesty, but Creme in Your Coffee runs a close second.

It’s a creamy pink brown that looks low key in the tube but oh-so-amazing on the lips. I kinda think wearing it makes me feel more alive – and this was not just my consensus – this was the consensus of all my folks I tried it on too. They are all shades and colors…and the amazing thing is is that it almost blends in to your natural lip tone and kinda customizes a very flattering shade for you! For real!!
Swatches from left to right: Creme in Your Coffee, Petite Indulgence, Looks Like Sin
I’m stoked about checking out the rest of the collection when it drops next week. What do you think so far?

MAC Creme Team Cremesheen Lipsticks and Lipglosses: What Would You Get?
I’ll take my lipsticks and lipglasses with extra cream, please. 

Mark your calendars for the arrival of the new MAC Creme Team collection next Thursday, my fellow MAC Cremesheen lipstick lovahs!

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