Friday, August 5, 2011

Maybelline Cosmetics

Loreal, Maybelline & Beauty make up UK haul
My make-up steps today:

First, I wash my face with my PONDS facial wash

Then, I evenly put my make-up base a B.B, cream with SPF which i recently bought from La Core Salon in Davao (a korean base salon)

Next I put on my TRANSLUCENT foundation SKIN 79 B.B. powder, which at first will appear very pale in my skin but in time it will eventually blend in to my skin tone, this also I bought from La Core recently and I’m loving it since then. So, my advice to you girls who are also using or will use a translucent kind of powder do your make-up at least an hour or two prior to the event your going to
Then my MAC BRONZER as my blush. I smiled and located the apples of my cheeks then from the edge of my ears in wards I lightly stroked my BODY SHOP BRUSH. To give a smaller face illusion I put a light stroke of blush at the edge of my cheek bones.

To match with my little red dress I put on a MAYBELLINE Water Shine Pure BLOODY RED shade lipsticks.

To finish my look for the wedding I curled my lashes then put on my MAYBELLINE waterproof BLACK MASCARA.
Spray your hairbrush with perfume so your hair will smell great all day long! (ma try ko nga din ito hehehehe )
Thick, coarse hair that does not need additional volume can benefit from using a PADDLE BRUSH because it can create a smooth look and style. (ako I have thick hair and I’m using a PADDLE BRUSH sarap sa scalp and mabilis ako matapos mag brush ng hair)

Let’s acknowledge the obvious: natural makeup doesn’t have the best reputation for performance. Good face isn’t up for compromise. Therefore, natural makeup must be judged against the same standards as its synthetic counterparts.
When compared with other luxury brands, Josie Maran’s GOGO Instant Natural Volume Argan Mascara fails to impress. For starters, the brush isn’t great. Add to that the clump of product that failed to disperse and sat on the end of the wand defiantly. Third, the formula causes lashes to stick together into little spikes. Not especially lengthening or thickening, GOGO Instant Natural Volume Argan Mascara is utterly mediocre.
Josie Maran, best known for her stint as a cheesy Maybelline spokesbitch and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, launched a “natural” beauty line with the goal of using sustainable, cruelty-free, and ethically sourced ingredients where possible.
Maybelline Cosmetics

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