Friday, August 12, 2011

Nail Cosmetics

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Any person who’s a connoisseur of Nail cosmetics will know all about LCN and Acrylic nails, and the advantages each and every carry, but those of you out there who are not so in the know, it may well be a struggle deciding on which is much better, in particular if you have no notion what they are!
Acrylic Nails are artificial nails that are pasted onto your real nail. They’re in all probability the most widely recognized variety of Nail Cosmetics readily available, and are sold everywhere, nevertheless, always beware of low cost acrylics, as they can look thick, fake and plastic!
LCN Nails, or Light Concept Gel Nails, are created of a gel-like, light cured resin, and are safer, a lot more natural in appearance, and they are a lot a lot more durable then your typical acrylic nail, and a lot of ladies say that immediately after LCN Gel Nails,
they’ll in no way go back to acrylic!
LCN Nails are extremely extremely regarded by professionals and customers alike, simply because they carry a lot of terrific perks that Acrylics just do not. These days you can get Acrylic from just about anywhere, even from your local chemist and high street clothing store! The problem with these having said that, are that they look low cost, certainly fake, and can generally be really thick on your nail and carry the blatant sheen of plastic, instantly revealing to every person that your nails are fake!
Light Idea Nails are a resin with a consistency comparable to that of honey, which sets as a structure that is stronger than your typical acrylic alternative, to present a longer lasting nail treatment, so you will not be missing 1 or two right after the 1st week!
Everyone who’s had acrylic nails in the past will know what I mean when I say that… But the secret to LCN Gel nails are in their structure. They’re really pretty flexible, which prevents breaking and cracking, and they’re not likely to be dropping off any time soon! They last for up to 4 weeks! Acrylics tend to start off popping off any point soon after you have had them carried out, and they can often be fairly painful! And discomfort is the last thing we want when we’re trying to look glam, because becoming gorgeous shouldn’t be painful will need to it?

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