Friday, August 26, 2011

New Makeup Trends

Runway Makeup Trends

Styles and makeup colors are always developing follow the trends. To be more stylish in appearance next year, here it is 2010 makeup trends!

From some Fashion Week shows, one of New York Fashion Week, which took place last September, the force makeup seen in 2010. One of them is the dominance of the use of lipstick colors and shades of glossy peach.
If you have a lipstick with a pink or matte can also combine and use lip gloss to get a glossy effect. But sexy natural impression of peach make this makeup you can use everyday.
Then, for the eye makeup, if the 2009 trend is the emphasis on eyeliner, then in 2010 was on the order of eyelashes and eyebrows. Long eyelashes and thick, it would be a mainstay, order brow can also be a focus on makeup. For the eyelids, brown color that will be used for eyeshadow.
To order a ponytail hairstyles hair is still a mainstay of horses. Not only simple but if arranged neatly and fit, make a simple look into elegant. Hair by order ‘wave’ (corrugated) for both long and short hair is still a trend.
New Makeup Trends

New Makeup Trends

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