Friday, August 19, 2011

Elegant Prom Makeup

FAIRY PRINCESS/ MERMAID/ GIRLS DESIGN - Face Painting/ Fancy dress make up by Becxstar - how to
Many of our clients contact my staff for recommendations on who provides the best hairdressing service for international clients in Buenos Aires. One of the most important factors is does the hair stylist or estilista (hair & makeup professional) speak English.
After a bit of research and some hair disasters amongst my team, most people I speak to swear by the services offered by Javier Aranda hair.

From Javier’s website:
javier aranda is women’s hair and make-up design perfection, a unique beauty experience in the privacy and comfort of your own home.
javier aranda cutting, short hair and long hair skills, from the classic to vogue, have transformed women’s hair design into an uplifting and inspirational experience for his many clients.

javier aranda combines true artistry, styling, colour, and technical expertise with an exceptional ability to capture your essence and accentuate beauty.
A detailed javier aranda consultation in the privacy of your home ensures hair and makeup design perfection for those special ‘every-days.’
A javier aranda consultation is about bonding with clients to transform feeling into the look they always wanted.

From the latest catwalk designs to mature and dignified styling, Javier specialises in bringing Paris, New York and London’s modern cutting, styling and colour techniques, with advanced product lines that will care for your hair and beauty.

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