Sunday, August 7, 2011

La Tulipe

La Tulipe Rejuvenating Moisturizer Cream (Re-moist Cream)

In packaging, it is recommended creams used in the afternoon, but I wear the night alone. Those advantages: after use of the night, morning when I wake up, supple leather plus kerasa really bright. The drawback, after use in advance, biscuits were too oily, so bedtime sultry. Fragrance is also somewhat less good in my opinion.
The Final Verdict?

Not like it, because it was too greasy, although I like rejuvenatingnya aspects. Compared with a night cream from other local brands, there are still better in terms of texture and fragrance, for example Biokos and Biocell. So, I will not be buying this item again.
La Tulipe Finishing Touch

This kind of shimmer prowder with pink tones. But if used for the face, in my opinion shimmernya too much, especially if you hit the lights. So it is better used for the body alone, and I really like, for example in the shoulder, hands, or feet, for special occasions only.
Before this I've never used shimmer powder, so it can not compare with other products, but I think I would buy this product again.

La Tulipe Eye Shadow No. 11 (4 color palette contents)

I bought this because it liked the color combination, very natural, and quite pigmented, the colors come out. But unfortunately, less staying power when not in use primer / eyeshadow base. Compared with similar products from other brands, Sariayu for example, quality is more or less the same. I would buy this product, in combination of other colors of course
La Tulipe Lipstick Color Me Nude series, the color of "Coral Beach"

Wow I love this lipstick, because the color is really natural on my lips! Lip color is really natural, as the name of his series, Color Me Nude; if not mistaken there are 6 colors in this series. When compared with other local brands, such as (again) Sariyu, I prefer lipstick La Tulipe, because it does not make dry lips. I would definitely buy again, in other colors of course.
Color blush is the color in his pan-rada bikin surprise, but I bought too, because it is rarely met blush of brands Mustika Ratu. There are actually two colors, Amethys and Amber, and was willing to buy both. But the stock of Amber was empty, and after looking elsewhere, there is no also. Amber may be in a good omen, so brilliant and stock sold out?

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