Sunday, August 28, 2011

MAC Liquid Eyeliner

Perfect Liquid Liner/gel liner tutorial
As a makeup artist i use eyeliner on almost every client whether it pencil or liquid. It enhances the Makeup, Makes lashes appear thicker and longer. If your not used to applying liner it can be a bit frustrating at first. the key is practice. As my mum always says practise makes perfect and its true when it comes to almost anything
If new to applying liner I would suggest you start with a pencil whether its black, brown or a colour whatever mood your in that day. Start in the inner corner of your eye. Colouring in this area can make your eyes appear larger! which we all want. Instead of simply painting the liner on apply it in soft, smooth feathery strokes so the line appears more natural and not as harsh. You may need to stretch your lid upward so you can get right in against those lashes. Slowly draw the line outwards.

The tricky part is getting things even on each eye but this will come after practice. Once you feel more comfortable try using liquid liners, they will last longer but may be more difficult to apply. Get creative and try eyeliner flicks.

**After applying your liner if its pencil or liquid, apply some same coloured shadow over top of it this will make sure the liner lasts until removed with cleanser. I sometimes like to smudge some shadow over the liner to create a softer line.
Its time to get experimenting - try different colours, you can get gorgeous turquoise and blue colours which will make your eyes POP!

Enjoy :)
Look after your skin - Cleanse and Moisturise every morning and night - you will notice a major difference. Also make sure to exfoliate - you want the perfect canvas for apply makeup on and this starts with looking after your skin, Exfoliate 2-3 times a week to get rid of dead skin on the surface. Your foundation will glide on alot easier.

Always wear sunscreen no matter what the season, Most foundations include SPF but is usually only a small amount. So check that out. Wearing sunscreen is the best skincare you can use.

Make sure you never over pluck your brows they should form a natural arch to compliment the eye shape - getting them done professionally will help you follow the right shape and give you a bit of a guide for the future.

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