Monday, August 8, 2011

Olay Cosmetics

Haircare sets make a fantastic Christmas pressie and I alway end up giving one or two. Usually there’s an akward person to buy for – someone’s new girlfriend , someone you don’t know that well but have to buy a gift for – or someone who’s just mad into the their hair. And tell me [...]

Olay ProX Cosmetics 2010 Commercial
Olay are the latest beauty brand to fall foul of Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority, having a TV ad for their Regenerist cream banned by the ad watchdog. In it, beauty journalist Eve Cameron says “So if you’re not ready for cosmetic injections, but want dramatically younger-looking skin, try Olay Regenerist with pentapeptides. Women who aren’t [...]
I love night cream and I can’t really resist the urge to be trying out new ones all the time. Plus I seem to get through gallons of moisturiser – do you? Right so, on to the Olay. I picked this up in the supermarket. I didn’t really expect that much from it. Yes okay
Some things are never quite as good as remembered the second time around. Watching Bosco and MacGuyver and eating Mr. Freezes were all activites that I would have classified as awesome as a kid, but reliving those experiences as an adult hasn’t been nearly as enjoyable. Well, my experience with Olay Total Effects Day Moisturiser has [...]
It had to happen. Olay, providers of hard-working, well-priced skincare have entered the serious anti-ageing market with their new launch, Regenerist 3 Point Cream. A huge hit in the US, 21,000 women in the UK joined a waiting list for it, and now we can get our grubby paws on a pot for €45. A [...]
Liking this new shower power product from Olay v much. A layer of body butter is swilled into the shower lotion creating a soft creamy shower wash that really does soften and moisturise skin. It promises to visibly improve skin condition in five days – and I found that it does mean you can skip [...]

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