Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lancome Oscillation

Lancome Oscillation Powerbooster Review

Well, I guess it had to happen sooner or later, didn’t it? I mean, we’ve had vibrating mascaras for aaaaggges now, so it was long past time to move onto the next thing in makeup, and it looks like that “next thing” is… vibrating foundation. Yes, vibrating foundation.

This is Lancome’s ‘Ôscillation Powerfoundation’. It’s a mineral,powder formula, and it comes with it’s own sponge applicator, which vibrates. Now, I use mineral foundation from time to time, and when I do, I have to tie and old towel around my neck because I am absolutely incapable of applying it – or any kind of loose powder, really – without getting it all over my clothes, and anything else that happens to be in the vicinity. Personally, then, I’d be even more concerned about this than I was about vibrating mascara wands, when they first came out. As it turned out, though, the mascara turned out to be no messier than normal mascara, so hopefully that’ll be the case here, too. Indeed, Lancome claim this is “never messy”, although it’s possible they didn’t have me in mind when they wrote that.
So: why do we need our mineral foundation to vibrate? According to Lancome, it’s because the vibrating applicator will massage our skin and gently distribute the product over it, allowing “7,000 micro-vibrations per minute” to ”break down the featherweight mineral powder for seamless blendability.”
Hmm. I don’t know. I’m super-fussy about how my foundation is applied. Put it this way: I wouldn’t normally allow another HUMAN to apply it for me, so I still have my doubts about allowing a machine to do it. The product itself sounds nice, though: the foundation promises 14-hour wear, contains SPF 21 and claims to give you “newborn skin”. I could be persuaded. Could you, though? If you could, this costs $48 and you can buy it at Nordstrom, amongst other places.
Now, you can have everything you ever dreamed of for your lashes-all from one mascara. According to Estee Lauder’s website, It’s the world’s first “turbo-charged” motion mascara with a vibrating brush. An innovation of design and engineering. The brush is auto-powered, patent pending*, and precision-engineered to achieve lash effects you never thought possible.
Just press the button and experience a breakthrough sensation in application. In one easy new gesture, let the vibrating brush combined with an exquisitely smooth formula wrap every lash up to 360?�. Instantly see a fascinating gaze: lashes appear ultimately extended, remarkably separated, and virtually multiplied in number.
I was so impressed with Lancome’s Virtuose – which makes your lashes appear really think, and they look nicely fanned out. It was running out so I bought the much-hyped Lancome Oscillation mascara (thinking the oscillation would add even more vavoom), for $79 from Kirks in Wellington.

Very underwhelmed on first use. Not just by the mascara itself (spidery, inflexible, hard to remove, compared to the Virtuose), but the oscillating mechanism. On the right mascara wand it would be great – in fact on the Virtuose wand I think it would definitely help to create more drama. But on this mascara wand, it tends to hinder more than help. There is a button that you push, to make the wand oscillate – it’s situated on the end of the wand. You need to hold it the entire time you want it to oscillate – but because it’s on the end, your leverage is severely compromised – I ended up getting bits of mascara on my face because the wand was wobbling. Normally, I hold it closer to the wand (as pictured). Perhaps it’s me that holds my mascara uniquely, shrug.
Lancome could improve this mascara by moving the oscillating mech closer to where you naturally hold the wand – and improving the mascara used!

So my opinion is – don’t bother. Unfortunately I threw out my receipt so I don’t think I will get my money back on this one. Boo!

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