Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bobbi Brown Lipstick

Introducing Bobbi Brown's New Rich Lip Color SPF 12

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Bobbi Brown's new Creamy Lip Color $22.00 compliments the Bobbi Brown Brights Palette I reviewed in yesterday's blog post. These are already a fave of women who crave a lipstick that does more than just look good. These have soft, rich color, feel like silky on your lips, and have pampering, emollient Shea Butter and skin conditioner to actually improve your skin, not just sit on it! I've always been a huge fan of Bobbi's lip products for their high quality, high performance, and of course, great colors that look natural, but better!
There are four new colors: Retro Pink, Rose Brown, Coral Pink, and Pale Mauve. As with most of Bobbi Brown's color choices, these are fairly soft. Retro Pink, for example, is a sheer blush pink for your lips that works almost like a soft blush would...boosting your own color with just a hint of tint. Rose Brown is a universally flattering color that adds a bit more intensity but still doesn't overpower. Coral Pink is slightly brighter, Pale Mauve, more subdued.
The sleek, shiny black, angular lipstick cases project a fashion-forward look, and the slanted tip lets you apply this product properly. However, Bobbi suggests using a lip brush to get the most professional look. Follow the natural line of your mouth, and evenly cover upper and lower lip. For the most natural look, line and fill in lips with a Lip Liner shade that closes matches the Creamy Lip Color.
Then, add a boost of shine with a Lip Gloss. I have provided a chart above showing some of Bobbi's own suggestions for what to wear with each product.
There are also six new shades of Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss $20.00 in square pans: Guava, Coral Pink, Pink Cloud, True Beige, Cherry Pink, and Pink Beige. I didn't review these, but I've reviewed plenty of BB lip glosses past Advice Sisters What Works Beauty, Cosmetics and Fashion review columns, so check out more reviews in the archives going back to 1999.
Bobbi Brown Lipstick


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